This Momster

This Momster is a Baygirl pretending to be a townie. She likes coffee and kayaking. She thinks sneezing is the most annoying thing in the world, no matter who is doing it. She laughs in the face of mid-thirties and refuses to give up her bubble wand.  She has been happily married her her Hubby for a long time (he'd better be happy too) and has three kids ranging in age from 5 to 16. She thinks the neighbours are spying on her.

That Momster

That Momster is a townie, born and bred (not counting the part where she moved out west). She is strictly a tea drinker. That Mom is afraid of the water, and all the creepy crawlies hidden in the dark corners of her basement. She has been married forever and has three kids, ages 6 - 15. She also has a number of cats, dogs and other creatures taking up space and eating her out of house and home.