Sunday, August 21, 2011

The Book of Lunchbox Fails

The first day of school is only 2.5 weeks away, and my inboxes are overflowing with back to school tips. The best of these are the lunchbox recipes. With three picky eaters, I’ll take all the help I can get.

Now every year there is at least one recipe in each bunch that includes peanut butter. This surprises me. Is there a school on the planet that still allows peanut butter? I thought the stuff was only to be handled by hazmat teams.
No matter, I skip the peanut butter crunchies and peanut brittle and focus on the other suggestions. But this year I got a booklet with 5 lunch box ideas your kids will love. Each one of them contained an ingredient guaranteed to send my kids to the principal’s office by way of the decontamination area.

Here are the offending suggestions:
Tuna and Veggie Sammies

Pro: Tuna is fish, and fish is brain food
Fail: Tuna is fish and fish is forbidden

Sesame Seed Chicken Strips
Pro: Healthier than the cafeteria strips, and easy to make ahead
Fail: Did you say sesame seeds. Yep, they’re on the list.
Egg Salad on whole grain crackers

Pro: Again, easy to make ahead and have ready for lunch the next day
Fail: Eggs are high on the list, a big no-no at this school.
Peanut Butter Banana Rolls

Pro: Peanut butter and a banana rolled into a tortilla. What’s not to love?
Fail: Peanut butter and bananas are both on the forbidden list, so this one is a double whammy.

Fresh Fruit Skewers
Pro: Fun, healthy, and easy to make.
Fail: The recipe contains watermelon and kiwi. Another double whammy, but at least this one can be replaced with less fatal foods, like grapes or other kinds of melon.

In all, these lunch box tips were a bust, but I might tinker with them to create versions that don't come with a side of anaphylaxis for some poor child.

How about you? Do you have any lunchbox favourites for your kids? Are your schools strict when it comes to appropriate lunches?


St. John's Mom said...

ahhhhh, I see someone else read the President's Choice Flyer this AM! The Tuna was right after the peanut free treats too!
My kids love cheddar on a bagel... thank goodness that is ok!
Strawberries are sometimes on the no-go list is always a challenge!

Cathy Webster (Olliffe) said...

I understand peanut butter but am completely gobsmacked by the restrictions on fish, bananas, eggs, watermelon and kiwi. Are you KIDDING? You must be joking. Why on earth are these on the banned list?

AmberFaith said...

Hello! I'm following you from the Sunday Social Follow blog hop. Would love for you to stop by and follow back, whenever you get the chance! Hope you have a good rest of the week! (:

Amber @ Beautifully BellaFaith

momstertales said...

St. John's Mom - Yes, strawberries have popped up on the list as well. They were missing last year. I'm wondering what new item will be added.

Cathy - apparently all these foods can cause life threatening allergic reactions in some children who attend the school. I completely understand the reasoning, but it sure does make it difficult to pack lunches.

Briny said...

In the Holand we don't have these rules.Our son age 5 has a dairy allergy but school doesn't take any precautions. On many occasions where food is provided he gets dairy products despite our numerous warnings and complaints. This is because he wants to be "normal" en is telling everybody it's OK for hem to have milk. as a result he's often sick that night so I get that precautions are taken. But to take it to such a level where allergens are outlawed for the entire school population? We know from experience that having to live with a food allergy serious limits your choices in what to eat. To enforce this handicap on the entire school seems disproportional to me.