Tuesday, October 18, 2011

School Picture Day

Today is picture day at school for my youngest kids. Also known as the day that mom and dad shell out big bucks for mug shots. That was the last few batches looked like - Jr. facing straight into the camera with a blank expression against a lovely bright rainbow background.

It reminds me very much of the elementary school photos of yore. Mom would get my brother and I all cleaned up. She would have my hair done just right, have my brother's red curls tamed as well as she could. We wore uniforms back then, so what could go wrong?

Well, let's see. There was the photo of me with my hair all sticking up on end, the tidy ponytail from that morning a sideways shrub on the side of my head. I had pulled my sweater off over my head. Who has time for zippers when you're six? Then there's the year I fell on the playground and had a nice fat lip for my photo. That was a keeper.

But the masterpiece belongs to my brother. I wish I had a copy to show you. I think it was his first grade photo. His hair is a mess, the collar of his uniform shirt is all twisted and sticking up on one side. He has chocolate milk all over his mouth and spilled down the front of his shirt. To finish the effect, he has a glazed duh look on his face. Best. Photo. Ever.

In the high school it's a different story. Those photos all turn out lovely. How could they not with the touch-ups, and fancy backgrounds and soft focus. They are really good photos, and my oldest daughter is usually really happy with them. I don't know. I sort of miss the days when her school pictures had messy hair and toothless smiles.


D - JustMomsBlog said...

My son seems to find some way to hurt himself or something every year for his pictures (junior kindergarten-he had bandaids all over his arms from a pox type of illness he got at the pool; kindergarten-one of the other kids scratched his face; grade 1-fell on the playground and scraped his face by his eye). I laugh and I don't do retakes. I love the memories of that time and the struggles because years down the road, pictures are for memories cuz we all know our kids are cute.

momstertales said...

YOu're exactly right. I think that's why I'd rather the photos without touch-ups. This is who they are, cuts, scrapes, spilled milk and all. :)