Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Paper Trail

Hello friends, remember me? I'm sorry it's been a while, but you see I've been busy trying to dig my way out from under the mountains of paper that are the back-to-school notes. I'm a little tired from the sorting, and a little cranky from the paper cuts, but my living room is starting to look less like a land fill and more like a stationary store.

Let's see now, I've got this pile here that is for elementary school newsletters (I got the "welcome back" newsletter not once, but three times). This heap over here is from the high school. They request our cooperation in saving paper by signing up for email updates. It took them five pages to say this. I have signed these forms for three years now and I have not yet received one email newsletter.

This stack over here is for registration forms. Careful, it topples easily. It took eight volunteers to get me out from under that pile on Monday. Health forms, school registration, after school permission slips, drama club, choir, running club, basketball, canoeing permission form - it's all stacked right here. I'd move them, but it's hard to do with these bandages on my fingers.

These papers spread on my desk are the student handbooks and school policy updates. You can push those aside and have a seat. Careful there. That dark smudge? Oh no, that's not from the paper cuts. That's Merlot.

I'm just about done with all the signatures. I have writer's cramp and a huge blue smudge on my hand that's either ink or a bruise. I'm not sure yet.

Well, I'd better get back to the sorting. I hope your back to school transition is going smoothly. Happy reading!


St. John's Mom said...

I hear ya! I am anxiously awaiting the "meet the teacher night" memo - haven't seen that one yet......

..... though it might be in the pile somewhere!

momstertales said...

Ah yes, meet the teacher night. I'm expecting that note as well. I do know that hubby and I will be away for that which means...more notes to catch us up on the curriculum. :)

Cathy Webster (Olliffe) said...

They give you all this CRAP but when you're trying to find the one thing you're looking for? Pfffft!

(Good luck with the paper cuts. Can't you get Mother's Compensation for those things?)

momstertales said...

Mother's compensation - I like that. But no one would be able to afford me. :)

My two youngest kids have great teachers for email communication this year. The grade 1 teacher in particular. I sent an email this week and they both replied within a few hours. I like this.